Sliced ​​cured sirloin

The recipe I saw in the Garbancita blog and in Cavoletto di Bruxelles. It caught my attention so I did not take anything to do it, I did it with Iberian sirloin that is thinner, so that it is more cured, it seemed impossible for me to be cured in neither time, but it is. Next time I'm going to marinate it like the pork loin to see how it looks.

Spiced sirloin steak

400 grs. of sirloin
230 grs. of sugar and 170 grs. of fat salt
Pink, green, black and white pepper, ground.

Clean the sirloin of possible fats (this one was very clean).
Mix the sugar and the salt.
In a suitable container, put a layer of salt and sugar in the bottom, place the sirloin on top and cover with the rest.
Leave in the fridge for two days.> After the two days we took out the fridge, washed under the tap to remove all traces of salt and sugar, and dried with paper towels.
We put in a bowl, a spoonful of rosemary, another of oregano, a thyme and the ground peppers.
Mix the spices well and pass the sirloin for them, pressing them so that they stick well.
Wrap the paper in kitchen paper and refrigerate at least 10 days.