Crunchy nutella bars

Every time I do a break I find it harder to update the blog, all the purposes I do go to the bottom between some things and others, but I did not want to deprive you of this recipe, it's so easy I do not know if I call it that, but I'm sure it will delight young and old.
I found the recipe in a little book that I was given a long time ago and from which I had not done anything yet, this book is called Nutella.

I hope you enjoy the recipe and do it at home !!

Kisses and a thousand thanks to all of you who read me :)

Crunchy nutella bars

100 g. of nutella
150 g. of milk chocolate in tablet
160 g. of wafers

We crush the wafers and reserve.
In a bowl we melt the milk chocolate in a bain-marie, over low heat, add the nutella and mix well until we have a smooth cream. the wafers stir until they are integrated.
Place the mixture on a sheet of plastic wrap and put another one on top. we pass a kitchen roll until we have a 1 cm. thick.
We leave for 2 hours in a cool place until the chocolate hardens, then cut with a knife into long bars.
If we wrap them in paper cellophane and closing with some ribbons are great to give away.